What to look for in a solicitor? You have to be able to trust the person's legal advice. That means the solicitor must have knowledge and experience in the area of law of your issue or problem. Development of a personal relationship is important and an understanding between you as the client and the solicitor carrying out the work for you. Part of this is that work be done in a timely way. Fees in NSW are currently mostly charged on the basis of time spent on your legal issue. In some areas such as conveyancing the fees may be at a fixed amount. Solicitors in NSW are obliged at the outset to give a fee disclosure in most cases and to provide estimates of the likely costs and will mostly provide a written fee agreement. Our fees are generally lower than firms with larger overhead costs.


We have provided information in the following pages on a number of legal topics. Just click on the words on the left side of this page. The information relates to the law in New South Wales, and is of a general nature only. It should not be relied on for any particular case. You can either click on the term in the left hand side of this page or just scroll down until you find the page.